Jan 052019

Best 5 Hot Wheels Cars for Rare Collection

Are you scrolling some pages of Hot Wheels review to find the best recommendation of Hot Wheels Car right now? If you are looking for it, now you are reading the right review about some Hot Wheels cars which considered as the best. You might already have some of them as your collection but you might also still put it in your next list. What are those Hot Wheels cars that considered as the best but very rare for your collection?

5 Best and Rare Hot Wheels Cars to Collect

If you decide to start collecting Hot Wheels, it means that you have to be ready with spending much money on it. However, all the Hot Wheels cars and even tracks will never make people disappointed, so they keep collecting the cars and other toys from Hot Wheels. If you are also wondering about Hot Wheels cars which are best in physical look and also quite expensive in price, you can read the following Hot Wheels review about 5 cars!

  • 1971 Purple Olds 442

In the case of this car, what makes this car interesting to many collectors and makes it rare is the color. Of course, it is because the other 442 models are actually having magenta as its color. Meanwhile, for the purple edition, you might find it very rare, especially if you are looking for it in the very proper condition. For the price, it might be around $1,400 up to $2,000.

  • 1968 White Enamel Camaro

Do you know what is the first ever car to produce by Hot Wheels? If you are looking for it, you will find out that 1968 White Enamel Camaro is that first one. Of course, it becomes the legend of Hot Wheels history. You might be having many difficulties if you want to add this car to your collection. However, if you might someday find it out there, you have to prepare for around $2,500 to pay for it.

  • 1968 Custom Volkswagen without Sunroof

If you ever heard the fact that some of Hot Wheels products are only available in Europe, then it will turn out this car as one of those products. Some Hot Wheels review stated about that fact. If you ask about the appearance of this car, it was typically having aqua and blue as the color. Then, the rarer model comes in orange, green, red and copper. For the cost, nowadays you might need to purchase it with your $1,500.

  • 1970 Red Baron with White Interior

Of course, it is one of the rarest models from Hot Wheels. It was also never to be sold in the wider area. Some people said that this car only existed in less than 10. It means that this is very rare to be found. If you find it nowadays, of course, you have to be ready that your $3,000 probably needed to purchase this car.

Besides its unique design and rare condition, the history of this car is also quite interesting. If you pay deeper attention with its design, you will find out that the design is having the atmosphere of World War I era. Of course, it is because the design was inspired by Manfred von Richthofen, who was a Pilot in World War I from German. Could you find it interesting?

  • 1970 Ed Shaver Custom AMX

This Hot Wheels car belongs to the Exclusive Racing Car Series. It is popular with its blue color. You might be curious about what makes this car is expensive; it is because of the Ed Shaver sticker in it. You also can only find it in the UK, at the beginning. Nowadays, this model is very rare to be found, so it becomes more expensive. If you want to buy it, the price is around $4,000.

All of the mentioned 5 cars, they are having a very impressive appearance. It is good if you want to collect those cars, as you will add the more classic and elegant collection to your home. You also can have big satisfaction with your additional collection. So, if you want to add more your collection, make sure that you are ready with the saving accounts since the collection will take much of your money because of its rareness. That is all the information and some simple hot wheels review for you!

Dec 262018

Top 3 Hot Wheels Tracks You Should Have

Hot Wheels always be a favorite toy for many people around the world. Even though purchasing Hot Wheels means that you need to spend much money, it will not be a big problem, since Hot Wheels is very worth to play. You even can buy the different track and different cars as your collection and then play the cars on the track where you will find a very big excitement.

Best Hot Wheels Track You Should Try

Actually, not only come with many choices of car, but Hot Wheels also provide you with many choices of tracks. The tracks will be the area where you can play with your cars. Of course, those tracks are not ordinary tracks. You will find out that the tracks are having a different shape and very interesting to you or your kids to play their cars in those tracks. If you also want to buy the tracks, here is the list of some best track for you!

  • Criss Cross Crash How Wheels Track Set

People said that this track is the best choice ever from Hot Wheels. By using this track, the players can put for about 4 vehicles in the different start points in this set of track. Because of the unique and complete track which provides you about four different roads, it will bring very huge excitement for the players. This track is better if you love to see your car crashed to one and another.

One of the good sides of letting your kids play their Hot Wheels car with this track is that you can give the inspiration for children’s curiosity. They will be impressed much by the attraction of the cars that is caused by the shape of the track. In other words, this track can bring so much fun for the children.

  • Hot Wheels Track Builder System Race Crate

This track should be on the list of your favorite track. Of course, it is because this track is good if you want to use it to test more than one car at the same time. This track can also be one of those suitable tracks to challenge your friends. Then, you can provide to them that your car is more than worth it to be collected.

With the very challenging circuit, it also can trigger the children to be braver. In some ways, they will also be more excited to find their car is competing with the other car. So, the excitement will not only about running your cars in a straight track, but it will be more than that.

  • Super Speed Blastway Hot Wheels Track Set

Actually, this set is not only good for children but also enjoyable for all the family members. Yes, the grandparent even can also enjoy the game that is provided by this track. If you want to see which is best among your Hot Wheels cars, this is the best track to try, since it is built for the competition. You can play it with your children or let your children play their cars on this track and compete with each other. This track is really good to enjoy competition.

Those three tracks are examples of the best tracks from Hot Wheels. Actually, Hot Wheels still have many best tracks that you should enjoy someday. However, if you are still new in collecting Hot Wheels, these tracks will be good for you. The expensive money that you will spend on the tracks will be very worth it since the track is very impressive. Try for these tracks and find your excitement! Hope you can enjoy it with your friends and your children!

Nov 192018

Choosing Magnetic Dart Board for Your Enjoyable Moments

Do you have a hobby to play dart or want to have darted in your home? Actually, darting is such an interesting game and you even can put it this game in your home or perhaps your room. However, it can be dangerous if you do not choose the safe one. So, you need to choose the safe dart if you want to have it in your home.

Magnetic Dart Board; Why People Choose It

When we are talking about safe dart board, it should be Magnetic Dart Board. The magnetic board will be chosen by many people as they think that this kind of board is something better to play dart. Then, do you want to know more things that make people have this board as their preference? Here are some important points about Magnetic Dart Board for you!

  • It is Safe

Of course, you might ever think that playing dart can be dangerous since it is using a dart. However, when you are using magnetic dart, the dart will not be dangerous. There will no blade in it since it is using a magnet. When it is stuck in the board, it is purely because of the magnet that works well. So, this toy is still good and safe for you if you want to put it in your room.

  • It is Everywhere

The other good side of choosing a magnetic dart board is the fact that this toy is everywhere. You can find it easily in any toy store that you might find in your city. So, it will not be difficult for you if you want to buy it. You also can choose the dart that available there based on the size and the model may be.

  • It is Flexible to Put It

As it is a magnetic dart board, it might be more suitable if you put it indoors. However, it does not matter if you choose to put it outdoor. Whatever is your choice to place the dartboard, you still can use the toy as you want. When you are bored or you want to play darting, it will make you feel easier to play it, if you put it in the reachable location.

  • It is Affordable in Price

Even though you might find that there are so many dart boards, you do not need to worry too much about your money. It is because the price of common magnetic dart board is usually affordable. You can purchase it without needing to use too many dollars in your saving account. So, if you really love to play dart and you want to play it everywhere, you can spend your money on it.

In conclusion, the dart is an enjoyable game toy which is sometimes dangerous. However, if you decide to choose the magnetic board for playing dart, it would be better for you. Magnetic board for dart is also available everywhere and you also can choose to put it inside or outside your house. The last but not least, playing dart does not require too much amount of money since it is very affordable to be purchased.

Nov 112018

Marvel Action Figures That You Should Collect

Do you love all Marvel comics and movies and have the interest to collect the action figure from it? Actually, collecting action figures nowadays become a common habit that many people love to do. It shows that they have their interest in certain series so that they intend to collect the replica of the figures in the series, or we called it action figures. If you are looking for any Marvel action figures but do not know which one is the best, read the following information!

Collecting Marvel Action Figures from Its Series

Collecting action figures becomes a very good hobby. Even though we need to spend much money on it, it is worth to collect those entire replicas. You can put is as an accessory in your home or even bring it when you have your Marvel community. It is good to have such that action figures if you really want to have that. So, what are the action figures that you can try to buy if you want to start to collect Marvel action figure?

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure; The All-Father Wave

If you want to start collecting your Marvel action figures, this is the good start point. You can collect the figures in Marvel, starting from the old one. Actually, it is the series that come from 2015. You can find some of the legendary figures of Marvel there. It is about 8 figures in total to collect in this series, so you have to have your checklist if you really want to start collecting the whole figure.

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Thanos Wave

Thanos cannot be separated from any Marvel movie. This figure has its powerful impact on the story and you even cannot forget its existence. You might not idolize Thanos but cannot help with collecting Thanos action figure. It is good to know that in the 2015 series you can collect about 3 figures that become the replica of Thanos wave.

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Absorbing Man wave

In the next series, you can start to collect the figure from Absorbing Man wave. It is about 7 figures in total that you need to collect. The appearance of this series of action figures is better than the previous one. It becomes more similar and becomes better in the figure itself. You can complete your collection with these figures.

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Red Skull Onslaught wave

Not only about the action figures of Absorbing man, can you collect the figure of Red Skull Onslaught wave. It is also 7 figures in total. There will be the superheroes that you want to have. So, you also better to buy this series too.

  • Newer Series of Action Figures from Marvel

Of course, the newer the series come, the better the appearance of the action figures. It is a fact that when the Marvel renewing or coming with the new series, it will be easier for you to find the similarities between the replica and the original figure. It means that the action figure really stands out with its similarity with the original one. So, when you collect the newer one, you will be more satisfied by collecting the new series of Marvel figures.

Actually, when you want to collect the action figures completely, you have to be ready to spend your money on it. It is not even a small amount of money since you have to collect the complete series of action figures from the beginning. However, if you think it is not that necessary spending your money for it, you can start to collect from the action figure of the figure that you want to have. So, even though it is not that complete, you still have some of your favorite action figures.

Oct 242018

Pokemon Card and How It Will Make You Happy

If you have a lot of love for the cute monster family which is called Pokemon, you might collect some things related to it. One of the common things that Pokemon lovers usually have is the Pokemon card. Some others might deal to play games that related to Pokemon. Actually, you can find many games about Pokemon but playing Pokemon Card is a good choice as the option.

Things You Can Enjoy from Your Pokemon Card

If you are still new with Pokemon Card, you might still do not know what to do with it. However, as you might already familiar with Pokemon things, because of the series, it will be easy for you to adapt to the game. If you are new to this kind of game and want to think more about this game, it would be good to know about the game through the following review first!

  • The Appearance

Actually, playing video games will have many interesting aspects inside it. Of course, it is good to know that Pokemon Card is built with good appearance game. So, the player of this game will really love to play Pokemon Card. The stunning appearance will really be the interesting point that you will find there.

  • It is a Very Addictive Game

As the same with many games that related to Pokemon, this game is also addictive. Even though sometimes you might feel that it has some similarity with other Pokemon game, it does not mean this game is boring. Because of the system and rules of this game, it even makes you more obsessive to collect all the cards from the trading game. So, you should be ready to really enjoy this game before you try it.

  • Better Than Other Pokemon Games

As it is considered as the most recent Pokemon games, this game has many better aspects from the other previous Pokemon games. It can be the way how the developer of this game tries to show you better side and more interesting way to pack Pokemon in a game. Even though the basic theme of this game is a trading card, you can feel the adventure here and be more enjoyable with the game.

This game turns into a simple game but has various things to show you. You can play any session of the game which is very interesting to play. You also can collect more Pokemon cards as your way to winning more game. So, do you want to play this game?

To sum up, Pokemon Card or Pokemon Trading Card is such an adorable game. It does not only offer you a good game to play, but it also impresses you with how the game has its look. So, when you come to play this game, you will have to regret since this game has such good interesting points. You have many reasons to be impressed with this game. It also has many better points when you want to compare it with the other games Pokemon games. So, this game will never make you bored easily and very interesting to be played.

Oct 172018

Find These Recommended Star Wars Toys for Collection!

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Wherever it is, whatever it is, when it comes to a big fandom, it will give a big impact to almost every part in the world. All things related to the fandom thing, like Star Wars, can be the source of interest. It can be merchandise and many things else and it can be toys as well.

6 Recommended Star Wars Toys for you

Many people, who love Star Wars usually collect things that related to Star Wars, include its toys. You might also be a part of them; looking for Star Wars toys and have the plan to collect those toys. Actually, as the Star Wars toys are very various, it should be good if you select them wisely and find the toys that match your preference. Then, what are the types of Star Wars recommended toys?

  • Sphero R2-D2

When you try to compare it with the other series of Sphero, it will turn out very differently. It has upgraded in many things and becomes more stunning. It has the built-in speakers and it records well the movements in the movie. If you really look for the toys which very resemble what you find in Star Wars, it would be the right answer for you. For the price, you have to prepare about $179.99.

  • Star Wars Nerf Chewbacca Bowcaster

This is also considered as the other powerful replica of Star Wars thing. Even though you might some differences in this replica and the original one, it is still quite a good replica for you. The other good thing about this toy is that you can purchase it at a very affordable price, which is only $22.99.

  • Lenovo Mirage Jedi Challenges

For this game, you need to purchase with you $199. Even though it is expensive, you will have much fun from this game. Of course, it would be different as you might think that it will turn out as the standard game of Star Wars; it will really show you a different thing. So, if you are interested in it, you can purchase for the game and enjoy it more.

  • Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber

Are you looking for the replica of any lightsaber? If you are looking for it, this toy should be on your recommended list. The combination of its color, sounds, and appearance make this Lightsaber becomes the favorite among the collectors of Star Wars thing. You can get this toy at about $177. So, prepare your money for it.

  • LEGO Star Wars: Luke’s Landspeeder

Actually, this toy is more likely the media for you to remember the old season of Star Wars. Even though it is not the greatest one, you can build the Lego and put it in your room to build up the Star Wars atmosphere.  Especially for you who are old fans, it is a good recommendation to have this toy. To purchase this toy, you need to purchase only $19.99.

  • Propel Star Wars Battle Drones

If you want to feel the experience in the sky battling, this drone is a good choice for you. You can be the pilot of your drone and then it turns into its ability to shot the laser and many more. It will be really enjoyable and really give you the atmosphere of Star Wars. So, if you are interested in this toy, you have to prepare for about $200.

Those toys are Star Wars toys that basically become the choice of Star Wars fandom family. If you want to collect your Star Wars toys, make sure that you are choosing at least one of those lists above. So, you will feel that your toys collection is complete and make you satisfied with your love for Star Wars.