Nov 112018

Marvel Action Figures That You Should Collect

Do you love all Marvel comics and movies and have the interest to collect the action figure from it? Actually, collecting action figures nowadays become a common habit that many people love to do. It shows that they have their interest in certain series so that they intend to collect the replica of the figures in the series, or we called it action figures. If you are looking for any Marvel action figures but do not know which one is the best, read the following information!

Collecting Marvel Action Figures from Its Series

Collecting action figures becomes a very good hobby. Even though we need to spend much money on it, it is worth to collect those entire replicas. You can put is as an accessory in your home or even bring it when you have your Marvel community. It is good to have such that action figures if you really want to have that. So, what are the action figures that you can try to buy if you want to start to collect Marvel action figure?

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure; The All-Father Wave

If you want to start collecting your Marvel action figures, this is the good start point. You can collect the figures in Marvel, starting from the old one. Actually, it is the series that come from 2015. You can find some of the legendary figures of Marvel there. It is about 8 figures in total to collect in this series, so you have to have your checklist if you really want to start collecting the whole figure.

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Thanos Wave

Thanos cannot be separated from any Marvel movie. This figure has its powerful impact on the story and you even cannot forget its existence. You might not idolize Thanos but cannot help with collecting Thanos action figure. It is good to know that in the 2015 series you can collect about 3 figures that become the replica of Thanos wave.

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Absorbing Man wave

In the next series, you can start to collect the figure from Absorbing Man wave. It is about 7 figures in total that you need to collect. The appearance of this series of action figures is better than the previous one. It becomes more similar and becomes better in the figure itself. You can complete your collection with these figures.

  • Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Red Skull Onslaught wave

Not only about the action figures of Absorbing man, can you collect the figure of Red Skull Onslaught wave. It is also 7 figures in total. There will be the superheroes that you want to have. So, you also better to buy this series too.

  • Newer Series of Action Figures from Marvel

Of course, the newer the series come, the better the appearance of the action figures. It is a fact that when the Marvel renewing or coming with the new series, it will be easier for you to find the similarities between the replica and the original figure. It means that the action figure really stands out with its similarity with the original one. So, when you collect the newer one, you will be more satisfied by collecting the new series of Marvel figures.

Actually, when you want to collect the action figures completely, you have to be ready to spend your money on it. It is not even a small amount of money since you have to collect the complete series of action figures from the beginning. However, if you think it is not that necessary spending your money for it, you can start to collect from the action figure of the figure that you want to have. So, even though it is not that complete, you still have some of your favorite action figures.