Dec 262018

Top 3 Hot Wheels Tracks You Should Have

Hot Wheels always be a favorite toy for many people around the world. Even though purchasing Hot Wheels means that you need to spend much money, it will not be a big problem, since Hot Wheels is very worth to play. You even can buy the different track and different cars as your collection and then play the cars on the track where you will find a very big excitement.

Best Hot Wheels Track You Should Try

Actually, not only come with many choices of car, but Hot Wheels also provide you with many choices of tracks. The tracks will be the area where you can play with your cars. Of course, those tracks are not ordinary tracks. You will find out that the tracks are having a different shape and very interesting to you or your kids to play their cars in those tracks. If you also want to buy the tracks, here is the list of some best track for you!

  • Criss Cross Crash How Wheels Track Set

People said that this track is the best choice ever from Hot Wheels. By using this track, the players can put for about 4 vehicles in the different start points in this set of track. Because of the unique and complete track which provides you about four different roads, it will bring very huge excitement for the players. This track is better if you love to see your car crashed to one and another.

One of the good sides of letting your kids play their Hot Wheels car with this track is that you can give the inspiration for children’s curiosity. They will be impressed much by the attraction of the cars that is caused by the shape of the track. In other words, this track can bring so much fun for the children.

  • Hot Wheels Track Builder System Race Crate

This track should be on the list of your favorite track. Of course, it is because this track is good if you want to use it to test more than one car at the same time. This track can also be one of those suitable tracks to challenge your friends. Then, you can provide to them that your car is more than worth it to be collected.

With the very challenging circuit, it also can trigger the children to be braver. In some ways, they will also be more excited to find their car is competing with the other car. So, the excitement will not only about running your cars in a straight track, but it will be more than that.

  • Super Speed Blastway Hot Wheels Track Set

Actually, this set is not only good for children but also enjoyable for all the family members. Yes, the grandparent even can also enjoy the game that is provided by this track. If you want to see which is best among your Hot Wheels cars, this is the best track to try, since it is built for the competition. You can play it with your children or let your children play their cars on this track and compete with each other. This track is really good to enjoy competition.

Those three tracks are examples of the best tracks from Hot Wheels. Actually, Hot Wheels still have many best tracks that you should enjoy someday. However, if you are still new in collecting Hot Wheels, these tracks will be good for you. The expensive money that you will spend on the tracks will be very worth it since the track is very impressive. Try for these tracks and find your excitement! Hope you can enjoy it with your friends and your children!